Sea-cliff climbing essentials 1: Approaching a route

Daisy Peters and Sam Percival visit Chair Ladder to climb the classic Pegasus and give you some great tips for scrambling into sea cliffs.

Traditional climbing on sea cliffs is an immensely rewarding and adventurous activity. However, the dynamic nature of the coastal environment presents additional challenges to climbers. Tide and sea conditions can mean that the difficulty of a given route can change from day to day. Rock quality may be variable, fixed equipment unreliable and accessing or escaping from a climb can be significantly more complex than at an inland crag. This series of films aims to raise awareness of some of the skills and techniques required to manage risk in these exciting, yet unforgiving venues. We hope that you will be inspired for your own coastal adventures!

Sea-cliff climbing essentials: a series of short films produced exclusively for BMC TV in association with AMI (the Association of Mountaineering Instructors)

Edited and produced by James Mann

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13 Sep 18

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