Blokfest 2015-16 Episode 5: The Castle, London

Imagine climbing amongst all your friends, big tunes, great atmosphere, fun challenges, the latest and best climbing holds, and give-aways galore – this is Blokfest!

Blokfest is five giant bouldering festivals led by world-class boulder setting at the premier league climbing centres in the South of England. Blokfest is here to capture all that is exciting, social, fun and challenging about indoor bouldering. It is a festival that has something for everyone from beginner to junior to climbing hero. You can come to have some fun and then make sure you find a good spectator space for a grand final or crush all day and then be in the final – either way you’ll have the bouldering session of your life!

This film is of the final event of the series at the Castle Climbing Centre, London

Castle results

Overall results

Film by Volo Digital

29 Mar 16

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